Wait up a minute….

Did you realize that we have a pioneer who ….

… Has gone to 14 military camps in only a month, including establishments that no sitting president has ever laid eyes some time recently. He additionally went by military doctor’s facilities and has welcomed injured troopers for a supper get together in Malacanang. He was likewise ready to direct a genuine summon gathering in Basilan.

…Has started peace chats with the left with the trust on consummation a long standing furnished battle. Set up goodwill by liberating unmistakable radicals pioneers. Likewise seeking after peace chats with muslim secessionists.

…Has figured out how to consult for the arrival of outsiders held prisoner by furnished highwaymen in the south.

… Has taken care of a psychological militant emergency well (Davao bombarding) figuring out how to instantly reestablish commonality, expressly going by the dead and consoling the harmed, and empowered the powers to quickly find the culprits. After which, he likewise figured out how to coordinate a hard and fast hostile against the outfitted psychological oppressors

…Has gone to Batanes after a tropical storm, and regardless of the possibility that Batanes is represented by a conspicuous group restricted to him.

… Has gone to China, Japan, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam and went to an ASEAN Summit in Laos. Take note of the centrality of offering need to Asian neighbors. In China alone, he got responsibility on ventures and credits worth a joined $24Billion.

… in the middle of two outside outings, went to visit another tropical storm assaulted territory (Cagayan), on a Sunday when a great many people are resting…

… Has opened Malacanang to liberals, the first run through ever said gathering could set foot in the castle.

…Has been said or is a regular subject of discussion now over the globe to such an extent that he and our nation were even specified in a crusade rally by one of two presidential hopefuls in the US of A.

…Has figured out how to essentially enhance air terminal and carrier benefits, and disposed of the “tanim bala” trick by a straightforward order.

…Has figured out how to enhance LRT MRT administrations, including operation of essential yet helpful offices like lifts and lifts.

…Has figured out how to dispatch an across the country crisis reaction framework 911, and an across the nation government protest focus 8888 in simply his first month in office.

… Has required the whole government to dispense with long lines or line by customary individuals, furthermore disentangle government exchanges. For example, drivers permit are currently legitimate for a long time while identifications will be substantial for a long time. In the mean time, all grants and licenses and reports like NSO authentications, Seamans’ book ought to be discharged in 3 days.

…Has figured out how to sign a FOI for the official branch of government, the main CEO to do as such.

… Has figured out how to essentially enhance debacle readiness and help operations in addition to appropriate utilize and spend of government assets.

…Has figured out how to embrace changes in the rural segment to empower the nation to act naturally dependent in sustenance creation and circulation. Above all, he requested the DA to actualize FREE Water system across the nation.

…Has made ready to real land change and in addition coordinating the arrival of coco impose assets to the genuine recipients.

… Has coordinated the reception of dependable mining, and requested DENR to thoroughly audit all mining licenses and force authorizations to failing mining organizations.

…Has coordinated the repatriation of stranded OFWs and specifically inviting them at the airplane terminal.

…Has figured out how to open one-stop-looks for OFW necessities for simplicity of exchanges. Likewise requested that balikbayan boxes worth under P10,000 ought to be tax-exempt.

…Has requested the discontinuance of ENDO for more than 10,000 influenced laborers.

…Has coordinated PAGCOR not recharge licenses of web based betting and re-allot its assets to be utilized to enhance wellbeing administrations and training.

… Has figured out how to sneak in and around Metro Manila and by and by put to undertaking leaders who have been thinking about the employment. This is not being said formally, and there will be a refusal if there will be the individuals who will attempt to affirm. Show A: Divisoria Display B: Alabang Show C: Pasig

At long last –

800,000++ medication clients pushers surrendering

20,000++ medication clients pushers who were caught

1,500 medication clients pushers executed in genuine police operations

2,000 executed by obscure attackers and are under scrutiny.

Beat tranquilize rulers either captured or murdered.

Defenders named

Points of interest of Medication trafficking inside Bilibid uncovered

A 10,000-limit Super Medication Recovery Office being implicit Nueva Ecija

Wrongdoing rate around more than 40%

All these in 117 days…

… also, with no more spending portion for the year as this was spent in the first half by the past administrator…

By an indecent behavior, boorish, and maniac president named Rodrigo Roa Duterte…

Need do we say more?